Dreaded Chicken Pox & coping with it.

Monday, 26 May 2014
Just before Easter Jack caught the dreaded chicken pox. Since Jacks been at nursery I've seen many a message on the door that chicken pox is doing the rounds, luckily for us Jack has never caught them, until now. 
The trouble with chicken pox, it's contagious before he spots even show, in fact up to 10 days before the first spots appear. This is why it spreads so rapidly.

Chicken Pox Day1 My Mummys World
Jacks spots were well basically just like pimples, he was still well in himself occasionally being a little clingy, however he was housebound until the spots scanned over. Easter passed and on the Tuesday we thought he was fine to return to the nursery on the Thursday. 
On the Wednesday, we woke up to this...

Chicken Pox My Mummys WorldChicken Pox My Mummys World

Chicken Pox My Mummys WorldChicken Pox My Mummys World

Yet another dose of the dreaded chickenpox, this time Jack was rather lethargic and clingy and generally just not himself. I felt sorry for my poor boy and generally a little useless. By Wednesday evening there were lots more spots and the following morning not an area on his body was spot free. Finally a further two weeks later we were spot free and ready to return to nursery. It took a little over a week for the spots to begin scanning over, unfortunately Jack managed to pick a lot of them so I'm sure we will end up with a few scars. 

I'm still unsure if Jack had a double dose of the pox or if it was the same lot, either way I know it messed us about and our routine. 
Unfortunately Jacks skin isn't yet fully recovered from the pox episode so his eczema hasn't really had chance to heal, but I'm sure it will get these eventually. 

Anyway, as chicken pox can be a nightmare for both parents and children, here's a few ways of coping with chicken pox...
Put lots of calamine lotion or calamine cream on.
Try a cooling cream, gel or spray to relieve the itching, also try taking a anti-histamine such as piriton.
Keep your child's fingernails short and clean to prevent scratching and infection. 
Wear loose clothing or even better clothes free, this will help dry up the spots.
Ray an oatmeal bath to relieve some of the itching. 
Ensure your child has lots of vitamin c rich food to help the recovery. 
Arrange lots of fun indoor activities to help with boredom and distraction.
If you know another child suffering chicken pox, organise a play date. 


  1. Oh bless him. 6yo had chicken pox on her first birthday. Hope Jack is back to normal soon

  2. Bless him he really did look to have it bad! Glad it is out the way now though!

  3. These are great tips thank you and I think you hit the nail on the head - we feel helpless with this :-(



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