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Wednesday, 14 May 2014
Over the last few years claims against the NHS has risen dramatically, more and more people are beginning to feel failed by the NHS. I too feel like this sometimes but our experiences haven’t been half as dramatic as what you hear on the news. In our local area, there was news yesterday of yet another professional neglect within the NHS.

Within the past 6 years, claims have risen by 80%, and 36% of people are worried doctors aren’t listening to them. Within our local area, and I’m sure country wide, we are hearing more about different things happening which we wouldn’t expect from our NHS service.

However, professional negligence doesn’t just happen within the medical sector, the other main areas include financial advice, property professionals, solicitors and through wills and inheritance. When using the service of professionals of any kind which require specialist knowledge, they are under a duty of care to carry out work to a good standard.

Unlike many other forms of claims, professional negligence is a lot more complex so its advised to use an expert team. Its essential to use a specialist in professional negligence as you will need someone who understands and has experience for the best possible case. Luckily I’ve never had to deal with a case of professional negligence, nor have I ever heard of incidents other than against the NHS.

Do you have any experience of Professional Negligence?

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