Wedding Reveal #2

Wednesday, 28 May 2014
10 months to go until we say 'I do' it's flying by now, infact the last 14months we have been planning this wedding have gone incredibly quick. 

So yet again, time for another wedding reveal I don't think any will match our venue reveal but still... So reveal number two is our colour scheme. 

From the very beginning colour schemes were the first thing we discussed and quickly agreed on. We knew whatever we planned for this wedding everything else would need to fit around this.
Neither of us are particularly into bright, vibrant colours and neither of us particularly have a favourite colour. 
We considered blue, a classic colour goes with most things, however we soon dismissed this idea. Both my aunt and Ashley's friend got married in 2012 and both had blue as a colour scheme. Not wanting to be accused of copying we carried on thinking. I'm now glad we did dismiss blue as I'm a bridesmaid in just over 2 weeks and their colour scheme is Royal blue. 
Another colour we considered was red, but we both decided this is more of a festive colour, and as we weren't getting married over the festive period, this dismissed this one. 

So all of these decisions in mind, we decided to go for a neutral colour, I like soft neutral colours and we thought it would go beautifully with our venue. So our chosen colours are cappuccino, latte and champagne. 

We chose a mix of these as let's face it, we all know how difficult it is matching colours completely. 
Although the colours have a coffee/drink related names, this did not influence us - I HATE coffee. 
Hopefully these colours will suit each of our bridesmaids and compliment our venue accordingly. 

What colour scheme did you have at your wedding? 
Which colour are you considering for your wedding?

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  1. we chose teal / green which was nice for ours



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