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Tuesday, 24 June 2014
At the weekend I attended Britmums Live 2014, I attended last year and really enjoyed it so upon my return home purchased my ticket for this year. Just before the event, I was beginning to feel like I didn't want to attend, and would feel a little out of place going. However, I talked myself out of it thinking its just because I haven't wrote a personal blog post in a while, and with the hectic month we've had I thought it may all be getting on top of me. 
Unfortunately, at the end of the conference, my thoughts were right, and indeed I may have been better staying at home. Don't get me wrong the conference was fantastic and seeing lovely blogging friends was fun too, but I didn't seem to enjoy it as much as the year previous and as much as I hoped to this year. 
I didn't attend too many sessions this year as I didn't feel any of them fitted me or my blog style. Again this could be as I've lost my blogging mojo as such. I spent much of this year feeling lost and alone, like I shouldn't be at the event. 
Last year I hoped this year I would have confidence to speak to other bloggers whom I'd hoped to speak to then, but yet again my self-confidence issues got in the way and stopped me from doing so. 

Back to being positive, the sessions I did go to I thoroughly enjoyed and feel like I have learnt. The brands whom attended were utterly fantastic and of course the people who I did speak to and spend time with made it worth while. It was lovely to catch up with a lot of other bloggers who have supported me throughout my journey and I thank them whole heartily for that.

Will I be attending next year? Finances and commitments permitting yes. Next year will be a very hectic time for us at the beginning with our wedding and honeymoon. I do of course hope I can attend Britmums Live 2015, and hope by then I have courage and confidence to approach other bloggers. 

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  1. Oh Zoe, I wished you'd said how you were feeling, it was lovely having you there and you did a great job sorting the hotel for us x



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