Jack's first emergency hospital visit.

Thursday, 17 July 2014
I've called the NHS 111 number many times about Jack, we've also been to the Out Of Hours Doctors many times with him following this but never have we then been referred to hospital or had an A&E visit, which is obviously good
However, last Thursday I got a phone call from nursery saying Jack had a high temperature and if I could authorise him to have some Calpol, fine, I never heard anything else from them so presumed his temeperature had gone down, which it had. We thought nothing else of it and visited my Nanna as we normally would, when we returned back home Jack was very grumpy and wouldn't stop crying, when I felt him he was heating up again. I took him temperature which was 39.3 and gave him some Calpol, it quickly reduced to 39.2, I left it a further 35 minutes hoping it would reduce more but it never did. 
I had a little panic and called the NHS 111 service, whenever I ring I've always had a good service and good advice and this time was no different. As his temperature wasn't reducing Jack was referred to out of hours who would call us back within 2 hours to see a Doctor. 
We were called back within 10 minutes asking us to visit the local Badger out of hours clinic. At this clinic you visit a Health Care Support Worker then onto a Doctor. As no one else was waiting we went almost straight into the Health Care Support Worker who did initial checks, including taking Jacks temperature which had come down to 38.8 he checked with the Doctor and then gave Jack some Nurofen, we were then sent onto wait in the waiting room for a few minutes to give the Nurofen chance to work. We then went into visit the Doctor who again took Jacks temperature and it was still 38.8, he did some clinical checks which were all clear but wasn't happy about his temperature not moving. He then proceed to refer us to the PAU (Paediatric Assessment Unit) at Stafford Hospital to go immediately. Cue a panicking mother, I didn't even know what PAU was let alone what was going to happen to my baby.  I didn't take anything with us to the out of hours as we are normally quite quick and always return home. Plus Jack had nothing on just a jacket and nappy as advised by NHS111. 
When we got here, again Jack had some initial assessments done, again including his temperature which had reduced to 36.8, luckily. However, we then waited to see the Doctor there, Jack had a little play with the amazingly wide range of toys. We then went into see a Doctor who again performed clinical checks, again ears and eyes clear but his tonsils were enlarged although no spots, but he also had strong smelling urine. As nothing clinically could be seen they wanted to test a urine sample. This is where the night turned long and boring. This was around 10.30pm we were seen by the Doctor so from this time until 1.30am we were waiting for Jack to urinate and for us to catch some, impossible as he didn't even do a wee. I then went to speak to the Doctor who agreed we could go home if I caught a urine sample the following day and took it to our doctors for testing. We were still none the wiser what was actually wrong with Jack or what was happening.
Friday I spent another 5 and a half hours trying to catch a wee from Jack, when I almost missed it as he hid but I managed to catch some. We then proceeded down to the doctors who tested it and found nothing - all clear. The nurse informed us that was that, as his temperature was back down (37.5) unless it increased again we were fine to do no more.
So a week on, no more increased temperature but we are still none the wiser what was wrong with Jack. But boy oh boy did we panic a little...

Have you had any emergency hospital visits with your children?


  1. They really know how to scare us don't they. We once took Scarlett to out of hours after ringing 111 and were rushed over to the a&e department. She'd developed severe croup within the space of 2 hours and needed steroids straight away. We didn't get home until gone 6am the next morning as they wanted to keep an eye on her. Was the scariest night of my life.

    I'm glad Jacks okay x

  2. How strange. I'm glad he's better now. It's very scary though when their temperature goes up and wont come back down again.

  3. Bless him, glad he's better now. We got rushed straight to A&E in Oxford when Monkey was 4 weeks old, he was put on a drip and was transferred to the childrens ward for an overnight stay. It was very frightening, like you I had nothing with me. He had some sort of infection but we never really got to the route of it.

  4. Aw poor little man and poor mummy having to worry! Glad he is okay x



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