Soak & Sleep Bed Linen Review

Monday, 14 July 2014
There is nothing I love more than fresh bed linen, I generally change it on days when Ashley won't get home until really late so I get to make the most of it. We recently redecorated our bedroom, so I needed some new bed linen to finish it off. When Soak & Sleep got in touch asking if I would like to review their range, I opted for the bed linen range and gave them free range of what to send. 

Soak & Sleep Luxury 600TC Range

Soak & Sleep Bed Linen TV Bed
The bed linen arrived as we were part way through decorating, so it had to wait a small while before it actually got onto the bed. Soak & Sleep sent me three items from within their Luxury 600TC range, I received a pair of Oxford Pillowcases, a duvet cover and a fitted bottom sheet. 
Why choose luxury 600TC bed linen?
With 600 threads per square inch, these sheets are seriously luxe. The numbers may not mean much, but sleeping beneath light, smooth drifts of cotton will. 600TC cotton has s luxurious, silky feel with a medium weight and superb washability. 

When I first saw the items within the packaging I expected them to be plain white with no pattern or design at all. However they do have a slight ladder stitch detailing around the edge.'Plain doesn't have to mean boring!'
What I particuluarly liked about this range is the duvet cover is like a pillow case with the double fold, but then also features ties for fastenings rather than buttons. Ashley always would manage to undo the buttons within the night and have the duvet hanging out or the buttons fall off which he hasn't managed with this. 

Soak & Sleep Bed Linen Review Details

I've found this bed linen so comfortable, like something when you stay in a luxury hotel. 
I've washed and dried this bed linen set and it did so beautifully. Its easy to wash all fitting in and I washed on a 60o to maintain the whiteness although Soak & Sleep do say 'The threads are yarn-dyed, to ensure your linen will maintain its beautiful shade year after year.'

Now our bedroom is finished I intend to purchase some cushions to add a little colour to the linen. 

Please Note: I received this bed linen for an open honest review, my words are not influenced by this and are all honest.


  1. That looks lovely. We will be after a new set when we move so will definitely give them a look!

  2. Christina Marriott16 July 2014 at 22:31

    This looks lovely - simple yet elegant :)


  3. Oooh this looks lovely! Those ties sound genius as well - I hate having buttons on ours as I often end up at the bottom of the bed, thanks to my darling starfishing toddler hogging the top!



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