Experiencing Crime

Friday, 15 August 2014
Normally I would not write about super personal things, things that may get me discovered, pin-pointing my area. But I recently thought I began this blog for myself so why shouldn't I?
I've been a little quiet of recent due to taking on a new job, which I'll write about soon.
However, this past week even the few people I would still speak with on social media won't have heard from me. This is as we as a household have been a victim of crime, pinpointed crime. Its left me too scared to leave the house, but again too scared to even want to be in the house alone.
This week we have been unfortunate to have someone try to pop all the wheels on our cars, two of the cars in our household anyway. But we've also been the victim of graffiti on our house. 

Now, to some people this may seem like something that happens regularly within you area, unfortunately for us it isn't. We have lived here for 11 years now, we were and still are hoping to move within the next two years. However this is the first time we have seen or heard of any direct crime within our immediate area.
Of course, we are hoping this is the last, but you can never be too sure.
Now heres hoping we don't get anymore trouble.

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  1. Sorry you have had to go through this, it must be very scary. I hope you manage to make the move soon x



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