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Monday, 25 August 2014
In June of last year, I set up my own business, its still building slowly but thats okay. Whilst I was working part time I was trying to find a way to make money by staying at home with Jack. This is when I decided to begin my own business. However, deciding to run a business isn't the easiest of things. 

So, I run a small company, literally just myself and Ashley helping occasionally, dealing with sweeties. I do all the work at home or on the move, mainly at home, however our home is not a business property. My business involves talking with clients on a regular basis either via email or via phone. Personally I like talking to people on the phone I feel it gives a better presentation, however, I only have my personal mobile and our home phone. So until recently I chose to use my personal mobile for all business related calls. But, recently we were given the opportunity with mumsnet to review Vonage, which is a fantastic service allowing you to have a second phone line, hassle free without high set up costs.

To good to be true yes? 
Well you could think that, I did, but its true. Vonage simply connects to your existing broadband creating a second phone line. All you need to get started is broadband with a Wi-Fi router, which has a spare LAN connection, and a phone handset. No need for high set up fees or a costly technician to visit your home. Simply once your Vonage box arrives at your home, you can be up and running within minutes, literally!

So, to make your new second line work you will receive a Vonage box, a Vonage box power supply unit, an Ethernet Cable, a Telephone Socket Adapter and a Quick Start Guide. 
The quick start guide will simply get you started quickly, its easy to follow but provides enough information. It really couldn't be made any easier apart from someone doing it for you. 

Vonage works for both UK and interational calls, and to mobile phones. So with this in mind you would think its expensive yes? Well no, Vonage starts from as little as £7 a month and rises to £24 a month. Of course there are other packages in between. What really sells this to me is there is no additional costs such as line renatl, the only extras are additional call charges made outside of your plan. Theres no fixed contract, you even get a 30 money back guarantee included. 

I think Vonage is a perfect solution for any small business, or any business infact that is in need of a second phone line. Its a simple way to claim as a business expense to if need be. I enjoy having a dedicated business line, it makes me feel like a proper business woman. 

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