Working full time and crazy life of recent

Sunday, 28 September 2014
Since I've returned to work full time, I've not blogged as much as my life seems to have taken a crazy turn. As well as starting a whole new job I also decided to return to work full time.
I somehow thought my life would be better, I'd have less things to do etc etc. However I couldn't have been more wrong.
Within my new role I am currently doing some training, whilst this is easy as I do it at work. My body still doesn't seem to be used to the idea. Of course I am using my brain a lot more which is what I wanted but then by the time I return home I'm extremly tired. Within my old job, I worked two days a week a Monday and Thursday, I didn't really need to use my brain too much and I had been doing the job for a long time it was like second nature - also I sat down for majority of the day. However now, I work Monday to Friday occasionally Saturdays and once I qualify Sundays too, use my brain for the enterity of the day and stand on my feet all day. I used to have plenty of time to spend with Jack, do household chores and meet my friends and relax - now I have none. Once I'm home, I have all the things to do I would normally have done within the day time so having no time at all for blogging or at the very least social media.

To top all of this off, a couple of weeks ago my poor mum was taken ill, and we had to have the paramedics out to her, luckily she was fine but they asked her to make an emergency appointment at the GPs for the Monday. I took a super early lunch at work and went along to the GPs with my mum to know what was happening, from there she got rushed to A&E and was treated for a heart attack. Now for those of you who maybe don't know me too well, my mum is my world and I'd be totally lost without her. So cue a mini panic from me, luckily she didn't have a heart attack although a couple of weeks on we are still not entirely sure what happened.

Following from this, I've been trying my best to try and fit in some family time with Ashley, we are struggling a little to find time to spend at the moment since starting my new job and he's been working overtime. We are still trying to complete operation garden whilst trying to plan the wedding and many other things.

I'm hoping I can begin to plan my time a little better, hope to get Jack back into a bedtime routine so I can have some time to blog, or at least catch up on social media. I'm also hoping I can plan some family time in as well without worrying about other things.

Life sets us many a challenge, this being one of many of mine. Heres hoping we come out the other side well.


  1. It sounds like you have had a tough few weeks. I am glad your Mum is OK, it must have been a big scare. I am sure once you get used to the extra hours you will work out a better routine. Hope you get sorted soon x

  2. Sounds like you have had a busy time, I am glad your mum is ok and I hope that things calm so you can regain some normality!



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