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Thursday, 2 October 2014
At the beginning of the month we were asked if we would like to review a memory foam mattress from Dormeo. If I'm honest, this took no thinking at all and there was a instant reply of yes. We have needed a new mattress for a while now as our has slowly given up, but as funds are a bit far stretched we have made manage. So a perfect opportunity seeming as we had just finished decorating. 

I had heard many things about memory foam mattresses, many of them being good so we were rather excited to get to try one.
The mattress we were given to review was the Dormeo Memory, which has a comfort grade of medium, suiting most people particularly those who sleep mainly on their sides, with both Ashley and I do. 
'An upper layer of visco-elastic memory foam is sewn directly into the Florentine-stitched cover to guarantee a sumptuous, accepting softness on your body.
Beneath the sumptuous upper-layer lies a deep foundation of supportive, patented Ecocell. The 3D open-cell foam gives your body the base and foundation it needs for that vital, consistent back support.'
The mattress also features a structure preventing the build-up of heat and moisture on the sleeping surface, whilst also being anti-static and protecting against dust mites.

This matress comes in a range of sizes from Single to Super King and all come with free standard P&P and a 60 night comfort guarantee. 

So, what do we think. Well first impressions were very weird. A small rectangular box arrived supposidly being our new mattress. I was simply unsure how this could be so. HOwever, we opened the box to find a vacuum packed mattress. Once the packaging was opened we left the mattress to settle for the day whilst we were at work. When home you would never have known this mattress came packed so small. 

Then came our first night of actually sleeping on the mattress, well that was very strange. I'm not entirely sure why they have an entirely different feel to a standard mattress. But it was the best nights sleep I had had in a long time. The memory foam mattress have no bounce in them, which Jack doesn't particularly like, but it makes for a comfier night sleep. As for the cooling element I've not been as warm as I sometimes am during the night, which I think is of the help oft he mattress. 

The mattress is also incredibly light making it easy to manouver when changing the bed sheets, heaven. 
For anyone looking for a new mattress or thinking of trying a memory foam I would definately recommend them. 
Also I would highly recommend Dormeo, at the moment they have a great sale on, but there prices seem reasonable anyway.

Disclaimer: We were sent a mattress for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and not influenced.

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  1. They are great mattresses aren't they - I am still not used to the lack of bounce but definitely finding it much comfier!



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