Having my Hotter Moment with Hotter Shoes.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014
Back at the end of September I attended a blogger event with Hotter Shoes, we were invited along to there store in Mell Square, Solihull. To be honest I was going along for a change of scenery and to catch up with some lovely local bloggers. 

Right, lets start this by me being honest, before attending the event and whilst outside my thoughts were 'Hotter Shoes are old ladies shoes and something only my Nanna would wear'. Well how wrong was I, it does seem I'm not alone on this as a couple of others at the event also had the same thoughts. 

When we arrived we were greeted with some lovely snacks and drinks provided by Hotter, before watching a fab presentation and learning more about Hotter Shoes. Melanie gave us a fab talk about how Hotter shoes began and how they have grown and progressed over the last 15 years.
During the presentation we learnt all about Hotter's secrets of comfortable shoes including their concept comfort feature. This is clever hidden padding, soles and designs which make their shoes incredibly comfortable to wear. Each pair include cushioning, flexibility, lightness and wiggle room for toes. Hotter is the UK's biggest shoe manufacturer making a pair of shoes every 20 seconds. 80% of their shoes are still manufactured within the UK.

Anyway, back to shoes, shoes and I don't particularly go well together like some ladies love of shoes does. For me comfort is most important but finding a pair to fit my weirdly sized feet is a bonus.
After the presentation from Mel, we were let loose to look around the store and have our own 'Hotter Moment' and find a perfect pair to take home. When I found out we got to receive a pair of shoes I decided I would opt for comfort rather then style so that I would be able to wear them all day within my new job. There was a fantastic range of new styles and colour, including new season trend's, this is when I realised they aren't 'old lady shoes'. 

I instantly spotted and fell in love with the Donna shoes, in a beautiful navy suede finish, they were beautiful however maybe not practical for standing in for almost 9 hours. I then discovered the Jewel shoes, flat and comfortable and they fitted all of the boxes for me. When I tried on both pairs of the shoes, I had my hotter moment, they instantly felt like slippers and I wouldn't have been able to tell I was wearing proper shoes.
So I left the store with a beautiful pair of Jewel shoes in Black. Perfect to wear to work, and definately practical. Unforuntely I didn't have too good an experience with the Jewel shoes, the customer service team at Hotter are truly wonderful and I couldn't fault them one bit! On the Sunday following the event I then returned back to the store and picked up the others I fell in love with, Donna in navy suede.

I still have my eyes on a couple more pairs of Hotter Shoes, I think I'm now converted. I love my Donna shoes, and the excuse to wear something a little different to what I would normally wear. 

Please Note: I was invited along to the hotter event at the Solihull store. For attending the event we received a free pair of shoes in return for a review. 

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  1. Sounds like a great event and I LOVE the shoes you have chosen - definitely not Nana shoes at all!



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