Enjoying relaxing walks.

Sunday, 25 January 2015
Where we currently live we are incredibly lucky, we live just on the edge of an Outstanding Area of Natural Beauty, Cannock Chase. Its a lovely area to enjoy family walks, bike rides and all sorts of activities. We also live just a short 10 minute walk from Chasewater reservoir so have plenty of lovely areas to walk around.

If you visit the local walking areas you will often see 'proper walkers' there prepared with lots of walking equipment. I always admire these people out in all kinds of weather, always prepared in their clothing whether wet or dry yet still continuing their hobby.
When I was a little younger I would walk almost everywhere, before I could drive of course, I often thought about going on a walking expedition however never found the guts to actually do one. 

When I worked part time I would often take Jack on regular walks up to the local reservoir where he would enjoy watching the trains if they were running and seeing the ducks. However, now I'm back working full time and don't get home until late, we don't really get too much chance to go out as much anymore. When we do though, we have a good explore and its good fun.
This year I do aim to take Jack out and about on more country walks to enjoy the fresh air and local surroundings. Plus Jack is a typical boy who loves to explore.

Do you enjoy walking? Do you have a favourite place to go walking?

In collaboration with Cotswold Outdoors.

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