Week 14.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Fourteen weeks, wow! This is actually a little late as I was fourteen weeks on Saturday. This pregnancy is going quickly although slightly slow too, maybe because I've known for a while. Throughout this pregnancy I've felt quite well, I've had no pregnancy symptoms as such, no sickness just a little fatigue. I've also lost my appetite a little. Sometimes when bending I feel a little light headed but guess this is just a slight symptom. 

We have told Jack about the baby, at first he didn't really understand but then out of nowhere he has started asking to see the baby, an carrying around the scan picture.
As Jack is no longer sleeping in his cotbed, we decided to get the sides back out and prepare it for the baby rather than it being empty. 

This week baby is the size of a lemon, weighing around 42 grams, and getting bigger by the day. The baby's arms are now in proportion with their body, but the legs still have some growing to do. He or she will also begin to squint, frown and may even be sucking their thumb which we saw this baby do on the scan. 


  1. Look at that bump! So excited for you Zoe xx

  2. Exciting times! Loving the bump picture - I keep meaning to do one before I get too humungous!

  3. Aw, glad to hear the pregnancy is going well and you aren't suffering too many symptoms. Great bump pic!

  4. Great bump pictures, glad you haven't had too much sickness x



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