Vileda Windomatic Review

Wednesday, 25 February 2015
One job I hate as much as ironing is cleaning the windows, its always such a chore as in our house the windows are very big. Doing the outsides is a whole other story. Our windows haven't had a good clean for a while. Its too much of a chore and the sun shining through on the smears left is too much to cope with. When I was asked if I would like to review the windomatic I was unsure if to accept or not, but thought it may help me enjoy the task a little, and give me the kick needed to actually give them a spring clean.
Vileda are famous for their home cleaning products made with expertise. However, this is their first product launched within the electrical market. It's cordless with a rechargable battery.

The windomatic is basically a handheld window cleaners squeegee with hoover technology for liquids. 'The Vileda Windomatic is a corless window vacuum which will speed up the time it takes to clean your windows, whilst leaving no drips and a sparkling finish.
Its lightweight and easy to use, the head is flexible whilst benefitting from a wide squeegee. It not only makes easy cleaning but quick cleaning. I found not to move it too quickly as it wouldn't work as well.
To use, I sprayed on the usual detergent and moved the windomatic over with no rinsing and it gave it a good finish. No smeers from where I've tried to rub to excess water off. It's handy for the steamy bathroom windows too.
It definately gets a thumbs up from me.
'The Vileda windomatic cordless window vacuum cleaner is the quick and easy way to a streak-free finish after washing your windows, for removing window condensation, wiping mirrors or cleaning up spills. 
The wide wiper blade and suction power efficiently removes water from windows without drips and without the need to polish afterwards. 
The flexible head gives you the best cleaning angle to allow you to vacuum right down to the base of the window and into corners. 
The mains rechargeable lithium battery allows you to use the windomatic cordlessly all around the home. 
Lightweight and with an ergonomic grip for easy handling, the Vileda windomatic can wipe up to 60m² on one charge.'

Please Note: I received the Vileda Windomatic free of charge for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own and not influenced.

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