Week 20.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I'm halfway through this pregnancy and that's a little hard to believe. I still feel like things aren't happening really quick but then I realise another week of the pregnancy has passed by and rather quickly at that. 

I've began feeling more movements but still not too many like how people say they are. This week I had my scan, well today and babies gender has been confirmed again, this will come on another post soon I promise. Babies scan was amazing, it was moving around lots the only downside was the sonographer who I found very rude. I remember her doing a scan when I was pregnant with Jack and she was the same. Not sure how she made it to a caring profession. 

This week baby begins to unfold and is now measured crown to heel, so this week baby is around the size of a banana roughly 26cm long and quickly gaining weight. This week baby starts producing meconium, the lovely first bowel movement for baby. 

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  1. What a shame that your sonographer was rude - what a way to spoil such an exciting event. Your scan photos are so clear. I really wanted to take a photo of Sophie at 20 weeks to put in a frame next to her 20 week scan photo but I forgot :(
    I am just working my way through the #bloggerbump updates - can't wait to find out the gender :) x



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