Week 28.

Monday, 13 April 2015

What an eventful week Week 27 turned out to be. I intended to update regular as I had some time off work but I still didn't manage it. I'm now officially on the final stretch and in the third trimester. 

Well I've mentioned it was eventful, I ended up in delivery suite in the middle of the week as baby decided she didn't want to move, all the time I was there she still didn't move but heartbeat was checked and all fine. When we got home on the evening she did move maybe she was having a lazy day. Movements from baby are becoming a lot more regular, with regular patterns occurring. Others are now able to feel and see babies movements.

Bump popped a little more this last couple of weeks, and I'm beginning to see the growth but baby seems to hide a little at work and I'm still just managing to fit within my work uniform tops. 

This week baby is measuring around 38cm and weighing in around 2.5lbs. Baby can now open her eyes and turn her head in towards the uterus if she notices a continuous bright light. Shes getting used to blinking and now has eyelashes. 


  1. All of my three have been little monkeys when it comes to moving. They will be really active for a couple of days then I will have a day or two with little or no movement! Glad all is OK and I hope she doesn't scare you again. I have definite bump envy - mines only been gone a week and I'm missing it!

  2. I am glad everything is ok.
    Love this picture, you are blooming, lovely photo!



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