Henry Vacuum Toy Review

Sunday, 17 May 2015
Jack loves housework, I'm not even sure where he gets that from. He especially loves to sweep the floor and vacuuming - perfect! So when we were offered the opportunity to review Henry the vacuum- kids version I jumped at the chance. 

This little version of Henry has been specifically designed to be like the real Henry in every single way there are lots of little details to this mini Henry to match big Henry. Theres a three part hose, which has clear tubing. There is also pretend 'On/Off' switches in red and green to match the real Vacuum however these don't actually work, the real On/Off switch is located to the back of the vacuum. Henry is placed on wheels and moves around just like the real thing, even having the inner compartments too. You can unclip the top part and this then allows you to take Henry apart and keep everything inside along with the dustpan and brush which also comes included in the box. 

Henry the vacuum does have sound, which can become annoying when your child is vacuuming for ages. Henry does actually pick up small particles of dust and dirt, and there is a small section on the back near the On/Off switch where you can empty this. 
All kids love role-playing games, and this is the perfect little accessory to use. He moves and sounds just like the real thing so really fits in with role-playing and taking it up a level. Jack has really enjoyed playing with it. 
There are many toys within the Cadson Little Helper range which can be used for roleplay. 

Please Note: We received this toy free of charge, however this does not influence any views expressed within this review. 

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  1. This is fab! My daughter loves helping me with the housework so I am sure she would love one!



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