Crafty Fun with Meadow Kids Stencils.

Thursday, 11 June 2015
Jack loves getting a piece of paper and either a pen or pencil and drawing, ok his drawings are still a work in progress but he loves to be a bit arty. Recently we were contacted and asked if we would like to review some stencils from Meadow Kids. Jack has never used stencils before so I thought it would be a lovely opportunity for him to expand his crafting skills. 

We were sent the Meadow Kids Mini Stencils, which is a lovely little set. It comes within a small box with two drawers in which everything is kept inside. Theres a mini stencil booklet which has animals, shapes, letters and symbols included as well as cards, envelopes and a little book of plain paper for which you can doodle your designs on. There are pencils and a sharpener included so you really are set to go. 

This set is aimed at children 3+ so Jack just fits the age range nicely. Jack doesn't quite have the full idea of the stencils but for a first attempt he is doing well. He is enjoying colouring the pictures in onto the plain paper rather than drawing around them. With a little help we held the stencil sheet onto the paper whilst Jack would colour the shape he wanted in to create the design. 

I think this is a great toy for children to learn to be creative whilst using their imagination. The letter stencils are also good for helping them learn their letters and writing skills. I love that you also have everything you need in one place so are easily able to play with the toy rather then have to search for some paper or pencils before doing anything. This would make a lovely gift for a child as everything you need is there. I would highly recommend this product its certainly been one Jack has enjoyed.

Please Note: We received this product free of charge in return for an open and honest review.

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