Week 35

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Ok, so I've been in hiding again, in fact Jack used up all the temporary internet in which I've got us to last the temporary accommodation and I've needed to wait for more. 
I'm 35+4 now, and have been on annual leave from work for 2 weeks now. It seems to have just flown past with Jack also finishing nursery last week. 

Pregnancy news, well last Wednesday I had my regular midwife appointment and all was well apart from my fundal measurements being static. My measurements have always been just above the 90th line, however when measuring me they had stayed the same, therefore making me drop to the 50th line. However, the midwife believed this was as the baby had had a change in position but still needed to follow policies. This in return got me referred for a growth scan, which I had yesterday and all is well. Baby is measuring fine, and following a growth line similar to that of Jack, shes weighing in around 6lb6 so maybe I won't be getting the teeny tiny newborn I wished for. Other than this, all is well with my pregnancy, babies movements have slowed a little but nothing to cause concern I think its more I don't notice them as much. My bump doesn't seem to be growing much but then I notice it each day. At my midwife appointment last week I did get weighed, something which hasn't happened since we threw away the bathroom scales for the move, I've put on 1.3kg so hoping not to put on too much more. 

This week baby is measuring around 50cm in length and averages around 5.5lbs, making this baby a little above average. Baby will be doing lots of practice sucking movements ready to latch on for the first post-birth feed and will begin moving further down into the pelvis. Baby is looking like a newborn now, and just will continue to pile on the body fat and currently has around 15%. 

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