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Friday, 17 July 2015
When I was pregnant with Isla, I was kindly given the opportunity to review the Gro-Hush from The Gro Company. When Jack was a baby he had reflux and was easily calmed by white noise, I remembered this so when offered I kindly jumped at the opportunity.

White noise is similar to a mothers womb, quite loud and familiar sounding with lots of repetitive noise. Well the Gro-Hush plays white noise in baby safe volume, and has three different noise settings. These include raindrops, ocean waves and a heartbeat to mimic what they were used to within the womb. The Gro-Hush comes within a handy clear plastic case, and has a removable cover which is washable.

The Gro-Hush is powered by three AAA batteries, and you simply choose the sound option you would like and hold it against their ear. The noise in which is transmitted can only be heard when held up to your ears, enabling you to calm baby without disturbing others around you. Also, due to the size of the item and the portable case its easy to carry around with you to calm baby on the move.

We've put the Gro-Hush to the test over the past couple of weeks, and its been useful in that short time. Initially when using it, Isla wasn't convinced at all, I'm not sure if that is because she was still new, but nearing the middle/end of the first week it began taking effect. However after a couple of attempts and using different settings we found it amazing! Isla is now pretty much okay with each sound, but the heartbeat is her clear favourite, this seems a little obvious as she loves to be near your chest for cuddles. Occasionally we will still get the odd little cry whilst still using it, but more often than not shes easily comforted.
However, some children may need additional comfort needs alongside the Gro-Hush such as being rocked, having a cuddle or a soother.

I would highly recommend the Gro-Hush to new or expectant parents, or those with reflux sufferers. It retails around £24.99 but is worth the money and you can purchase here.

Please Note: I received this product for the purpose of this review all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. Such a cute photo :D We have found white noise really helps Edith settle at night.



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