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Tuesday, 28 July 2015
Gro Company - Gro-SnugYou know when you have a baby in hospital and they are beautifully wrapped up by the midwives - yes swaddling. Well I've never been able to re-create that, in fact with Jack I failed miserably. With Isla I purchased many swaddling blankets and again tried with normal blankets and again I've not been able to create it as well. That's until we began using the Gro-Snug.

The Gro Company are well known for their innovative products, and over the years with Jack we tried a few, the Gro Bags being one of our favourite. Their newest product to the range is the Gro-Snug offering the best of both worlds for a newborn. You have the option to swaddle your baby or use it as a baby sleeping bag.

You have the freedom to use the Gro-Snug however you wish. You can have your babies arms inside for swaddling, recreating how the midwives do it. You simply lay your baby inside the Gro-Snug with the arm holes popped close and do up the zip. There is also the option to leave one arm out and one inside, or have both arms out and use as a sleeping bag. Again this is easy to do as you just place your baby inside and un-pop the poppers on the arms and zip up.

Gro Company - Gro-Snug

We have been using the Gro-Snug with both of Isla's arms inside. She likes being comforted and feeling secure. It's been incredibly easy to use and far easier than wrapping up blankets to try and make sure they stay secure. During the night or daytime of course, nappy changes are still easy as there is no need to un-swaddle, you simply undo the zip and change leaving the top half of the body covered. The chest panel is reinforced helping to offer a secure swaddle comfort for babies.
Gro Company - Gro-Snug - Features

As your baby becomes more active preferring their arms out, there is no need to purchase any further products as you simply undo the poppers on the shoulders and it works as a newborn sleeping bag. The length of the bag itself is quite long and generous so will easily last a while.

The bag itself is made from soft, stretchy cotton and has baby safe YKK zips, nickel free poppers and no rough edges or seams. Its machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat - perfect for busy mums. Easy Gro-Snug comes with a free nursery thermometer and a what to wear guide. There are three colours to choose from grey marl, pure white or rainbow spot and two different weights Light and Cosy for different room temperatures. With an RRP of £22.99 I think its excellent value for money.
Gro Company - Gro-Snug - Sleepy Baby

Please Note: I received this product for the purpose of this review all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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