Isla | One Week Old

Tuesday, 7 July 2015
Yesterday, Isla turned one week old, a whole seven days in the world already. It does seem to have gone fast, but I know it could have gone so much quicker. I just wish we could treasure these early newborn days. 

I feel incredibly lucky at the moment, I have two lovely children who seem to utterly adore each other. I feel a lot more comfortable with a newborn this time round, I'm doing some things different to how I did in the early days with Jack but we learn these things. They are both so alike, when I look at photos from the early days with Jack and the early photos with Isla, you can tell they are siblings. 

This time round I'm breastfeeding Isla, I always regret not breastfeeding Jack or at least attempting so I was determined to try and so far so good. We had a few early problems with latch - which still aren't brilliant but we are both taking each day and learning along the journey. Isla was born weighing 7lb 5oz and when she had her weigh in on day 5 she had only lost 2oz; the midwife was incredibly impressed by this and said we are doing amazing. 

As for how she is looking, her jaundice which came on when we were home, only slightly, is now beginning to disappear and shes becoming more pink each day. Her umbilical cord is currently still attached, but I believe a small part has broken away. She had her heel prick test done on day 5 too and didn't even cry which I'm amazed by. 

She is currently wearing a mix of newborn and small baby clothes, the small baby are a lovely fit but we don't have too many as I was told I would have a large baby. As for nappies we are using a mix of cloth nappies and size one disposables just to use them up and for the lovely breastfed poop.

Last week I was very lucky in which Jack spent the week at his Dad's and returned home on Friday evening and has been amazing with Isla since coming back. He loves to kiss her head and stroke her, he tells me when shes dribbled milk, or needs changing. Jack still doesn't understand the concept of Isla needing a lot more attention then he does but I'm slowly figuring how to share myself between them and finding a bit of time for myself. 

As for nappy changes, I'm still getting used to having a girl, least I could tell when Jack was going to pee. With Jack I have never been pooped or peed on however Isla very kindly christened me twice to mark her being one week old.

You can find lots of babyspam on my instagram feed.


  1. Mummy of Two + 18 July 2015 at 09:25

    Such a gorgeous girl. Good luck with the breastfeeding :D

  2. That first week has flown by! Isla is gorgeous! x

  3. Isla is beautiful! So lovely that your older one loves her. Good luck with the breastfeeding x #blogbumpclub



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