Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser - Review

Thursday, 9 July 2015
Dummies are a complete and utter nightmare as your children get older, not that they get in the way but the fact they are often dropped on the floor. Thats then followed by a screaming child who now has no soother. 
Generally Jack doesn't have anything sterilised anymore, but anything that goes in his mouth like a dummy, I often like to give a good deep clean by sterilising. Whilst I'm trying to convince him he doesn't need the dummy anymore, he won't give it up at night. 
So when asked by Milton is I would like to review their portable soother steriliser I thought there was no harm, and who knows if Isla will take one in the future. 

The product itself is incredibly cute, its like a little christmas bauble that comes apart. Within the pack you get the steriliser, a carry strap, instructions and 10 sterilising tablets to start with. The instructions are easy to follow, so once you've done it once its easy enough to remember. You simply fill it with water, add a tablet and let it dissolve, add the sponges in and then place the dummy in and the lid on top. After 15 minutes its ready, the sponges help absorb the solution so you have no spills and help remove the dirt reducing the need to rinse. It stays sterile for 24 hours, so useful for long journeys or to take away on trips out. The carry strap is also very useful as it attaches to almost anything ensuring you always have your sterilised dummy to hand. 

I've found the product to be incredibly useful, although we haven't used it too much as of yet. I'm keeping it aside for if Isla chooses to use a dummy as I'm sure then it would be incredibly useful. 

The mini comes in 3 different colours, purple, green and blue and retails for £6.99 at a variety of stores. 

Please Note: I received this steriliser for the purpose of this review all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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