Finally we are rid of the Dummy

Monday, 10 August 2015
Jack has had a dummy since being born, I never had a problem with this and figured it wasn't practical to remove his thumb if he became a thumb sucker.
However we had lots of problems trying to get him to give it up, everyone said he was too old for the dummy. In reality he only had it to sleep or when he really hurt himself - which I didn't see too much of a problem. My only concern was the bad breath he would have in a morning from the constant thing being in his mouth.

We tried the usual techniques of sending it to the fairies, or for the baby reindeer at Christmas time with no success and with the stress of becoming a single parent it was easier for me to just leave it be.
My Mummys World - Baby Jack and Dummy
Slowly over the course of moving and general life, we have lost quite a few of the dummies or they have become broken and have ended up in the bin. So when we were left with one,  I refused to buy any more.

A little while ago Jack somehow managed to loose his last dummy in the bedroom, this was the only place he had it. I searched everywhere for it and couldn't find it anywhere, so that night Jack went to bed without his dummy just his comforter toy Dumbo. The following day we were so busy I forgot to look and again Jack went to bed dummy free. I decided that it was time to rid the dummy, Jack coped just well without it so whilst he was playing I hunted high and low and found the dummy tucked at the end of the bed somehow. I hid the dummy into the changing bag just in case and that was that. He has since asked for the dummy a couple of times but as far as he's aware it's still lost. 
I'm so proud of how well he has managed without it.

How did you manage to rid the dummy? Or are you still attempting?

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