Isla Grace Birth Story

Wednesday, 12 August 2015
Isla was born on 29th June 2015 at 16:48 by elective caesarean section weighing 7lb 5oz.
You can read about my decision to have this baby by elective caesarean here.

I had my caesarean date booked for quite sometime, in fact ever since I was 16 weeks pregnant. Whilst the decision to have a caesarean was simply a no-brainer for me, the actual fear of the operation and recovery scared me. 

Five days before I was due to have my caesarean I went into the hospital for my pre-op where I was given my antacids and had my bloods taken, simple. I then went to the hospital again the day before my planned section for my Clexane injection and explained where to go to the following morning. 
So Monday came and I got to the hospital for my time of 7.30am, I expected a long wait but was kindly informed I was the only elective section booked in for that date. I had my blood pressure checked at around 8.15am, was asked to confirm the last time I ate and drank and was given the hospital gowns to place on and my mum who was my birth partner was given some hospital scrubs to pop on. 

Around half an hour later the anaesthetist came in and introduced himself, followed by the surgeon who would perform the operation. I was told by both of them they would see me in theatre in around half an hour, Lovely I thought. An hour or so passed and we still hadn't gone down to theatre, one of the midwives who was looking after us, kindly came in and explained that there had been some emergencies needing to use the theatre and I would be going down soon. 
The time just went on and on, until it got to 1 o'clock, shift change, I knew no-way was I getting my operation done any time soon, the surgeon was about to finish and I would have to wait for someone else to come. I even had a new midwife look after my care from this point, she even got me a cheeky drink of water as I hadn't had anything since 10pm the previous night.

However, every cloud has a silver lining right?
A lovely male surgeon came and introduced himself explaining he would definitely be doing my section and would hope to get it done soon. He must have seen some frustration in me as when he got delayed again by other ladies labouring and needing the theatre he kindly came and explained everything too me. Much better than the lady who was on in the morning, he took the time out to explain everything. 

Around 3.45pm another member of the anaesthetist team came in and asked if she could place my cannula in to save some time in theatre as they were just cleaning it ready for me to go through. At 4pm the lovely midwife looking after me said they were ready for me and joked to 'be quick before someone else takes your place'
When I got through to theatre I was introduced to all of the staff members in there, had some things explained to me and away they went. Firstly I had my spinal in, which was painless, I simply lent forward over a pillow had a sharp scratch with the local anaesthetic and then the spinal placed in. I was then laid back and hooked up to the blood pressure machine, and had the ECG stickers placed on me and hooked up to the drip. The bed was then tilted to the left and my catheter placed in whilst we waited for the surgeon (he was in A&E at the time). Around 4.30pm he was back in theatre and began my operation. 

Getting baby out didn't take long at all, I remember hearing my waters whooshing into whatever they go into, and then hearing a babies cry. All along my pregnancy I was worried they had told me the wrong gender and I would turn up with a boy who was wearing dresses and pink as that's what I brought. But I could tell by her cry she was definitely a girl. At 16:48 baby Isla Grace was born into the world. I didn't get to cuddle Isla until I was in recovery - I wish I could have but how I was lying made it difficult. However she was raised up so I could see her, then passed to the midwife for a little clean and her cord cut mum did this. Whilst they stitched me back up, Isla was taken into recovery with my mum where I joined them after I was finished in surgery. I was only in recovery for a short period of time where I had my obs taken and I had my first opportunity to breastfeed Isla. I was then taken to the ward and my obs were continued to be taken at regular intervals. 
Whilst on the ward I continued to feed Isla on demand, however my cannula fell out leaving lovely spraying blood all over the bed and myself; around 1am I had my catheter taken out and I went and freshened up with a shower. It was the week we had the really hot weather so I was extremely hot and it was lovely to have a freshen up. I then managed to get a little sleep until breakfast when everything just was hectic. Within the morning Isla had her newborn check, hearing test and her first bath and we were then told we were allowed home if I wished. So just after lunch we headed back home where I was able to keep cool thanks heatwave. On day four I removed my protective sticky patch which was covering my stitches ready for the midwife to check the following day but everything was perfect there. My incision is incredibly neat, and luckily I've had no problems with it. 

The whole experience was a lot less scary than I imagined it to be, my recovery luckily has been good.

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