Isla | Three Months Old

Tuesday, 29 September 2015
Isla is now three months old. I cannot believe how quickly the time goes with your second and it went fast enough with the first. It's amazing how much they change within the early days.

Isla is beginning to fill out a lot more, however I'm not sure how much she weighs as I've still not had her weighed since moving house. She's still wearing 0-3 clothing but is beginning to become a bit long for some of her baby grows and trousers, I somehow manage to have long children. She's now had two out of the three lots of injections they have within the early days and hasn't been affected by them at all.

I still don't really have a routine in which I follow with Isla; she is still feeding on demand although sadly this isn't as often. She now sleeps through the night and has for a while; I feel I've lost my newborn since she slept through. She enjoys her bath times with her big brother and enjoys spending lots of time with him watching him play.

The past couple of weeks I've noticed she's began chewing on things a lot more and dribbling A LOT, which is making for lots of wet outfits. Whenever someone talks to her she always gives beautiful big smiles which just brighten up the day. She's began having more interest in toys especially her Lamaze Emily doll which is in her pushchair.

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