Making our new house a home.

Thursday, 24 September 2015
At the beginning of last month we finally moved into our new home. It seemed like a very long, drawn out process but I think that was due to the fact our house sold much quicker than our new home was built. At the moment, we are still surrounded by boxes and trying to turn our house into our home. 

There are many plans in which we have for the house, and many in which we planned and thought out whilst still waiting for completion. 
The garden is first on our agenda; the winter is coming and soon it won't be good enough weather to complete so it was important to get some sort of normality out there rather than a mud bath. We have planned to have different sections a grass area for the children to play and the dog. A patio area to enjoy within the summer months, with comfortable sofas. We also planned a low maintenance garden so we have more time to enjoy the happy spaces we are creating then having to work hard to upkeep them. Our last garden was incredibly large, which I miss, but in return was hard to upkeep. The lounge is a family space, consisting of a large seating area to enjoy happy family memories as well as a dining area to sit together to eat.

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My happy place within the house, is by far my bedroom it's my place to call my own and lovely to just relax within. At the moment there's not much to it other than a bed, some units and a wardrobe but I intend to make it a warm and inviting room in which I can relax within. 
Then there's the children's bedroom, I have a rough idea in my head of how I want that to end up but with limited space its hard to decide. I want it to be a place they can go for some time out and to relax whilst not cluttering it too much. 

But by creating lots of happy spaces within the home, we are also buying lots and spending a lot of money. Therefore we have made sure we cover all our possessions with getting adequate insurances to cover the home and contents

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