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Monday, 19 October 2015
Recently Jack has shown a great interest into the Country and the World in general. I'm really not into Geography and as for the Globe, I can name the continents and thats about it. Yes of course I know some major countries and could probably pass as an expert to a three year old but still. 
Recently I was contacted and given the opportunity to review a recent book launch called Adventures Around The Globe, and what better opportunity to teach Jack a little more about the world and me too. 

 Adventures Around The Globe, is a book aimed at children aged 3+ which is perfect for Jack. The book introduces each continent in turn along with a beautifully bright illustrated map. Within each section you can look more into the continent and iconic sights which you can find around there as well as the animals which live there and festivals celebrated. I also found this great to coincide with Jack's learning at school as they learn about different cultures and events we can look for more information from this book. 

Within the book there are also a wide range of stickers in which you can position, each continent has a double spread page in which to decorate. Upon the back cover there is a globe in which you can pop out and stick together to make a 3D one, a great way to possibly teach older children how the globe is round. Around the pages there are many colouring activities and puzzles to help the children interact and keep the book fun for all ages. 

I have found the book really great for Jack and know it will be useful for a while to come too. I would definitely recommend this to others who have children interested in the planet too. 

Please Note: We received this book in exchange for an open and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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