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Tuesday, 17 November 2015
Now Jack is older I find him a little easier to buy for - however I still struggle with some gifts. Luckily with Jack I cannot go wrong with trains so if all else fails buy some trains, but he does have so many.

Firstly, lets talk about the bit before Christmas, where they write a letter to Santa. They all love the magical time when Santa write a letter back, many places do these now but why not get one a little different. Talk Of The Town Parties is a new company founded in August this year by Jennifer Combes who is a zoologist turned crafter and mum. Jennifer offers lovely personalised letters from Santa which are on reindeer poop card, it's 100% clean and 100% recycled.As well as the letters Jennifer offers Christmas cards too, again made from the reindeer card  but they also have real Christmas tree seeds embedded meaning you can re-grow your card after use. The reindeer poop acts as excellent fertiliser for the seeds and you will always remember the Christmas from the tree you will grow. 
Personalised Santa Letters and Christmas Cards

Recently launched are Moochies for Kids, the wearable tech keeping children safe and parents in the know. Launched in October this year and aimed at children 3 to 12 Moochies are phones for children. Worn exactly like a watch, allowing children and parents to communicate. It allows the child to ring two people and only allows twenty people pre-approved to ring the child. Featuring an SOS button for emergencies and GPS tracking. Priced at £79.99 they aren't exactly a stocking filler but are definitely a practical gift for children.
Moochies For KidsMoochies For Kids

A more personalised gift comes from I Just Love It, with a range of personalised children's books. We as a generation are full of technology and stories are becoming forgotten. I Just Love It have a range of books from more tradition style stories with My Book Of Nursery Rhymes, Twelve Days Of Christmas as well as Disney Frozen and Star Wars Adventure Books of which are personalised. Prices starting at just £9.99, they are the perfect gift for children of all ages.
IJustLoveIt Personalised Books

Anything dinosaurs related is sure to be a hit with many children at the moment too. Jack and my friends boy are both really into dinosaurs; my friends boy more so mind. These inflatable dinosaurs I've reviewed previously would be perfect for a dinosaur lover. Also, there are many dinosaur toys which you are able to purchase at many shops and they can be as reasonable as you wish them to be.

Then you've got Disney Princesses, what girl or even boy doesn't love a Disney Princess. Theres endless possibilities in which you can purchase out there which your little prince and princesses would love. You can get small dolls as well as larger ones these days.

Jack loves puzzles and games, so this year we will be getting him more from the Orchard Toys collection. There is a fantastic selection of them on the website and they are always a big hit with Jack. They always feature bright colours, being eye catching for children. 
Another wonderful gift in which we have discovered this year are the Magformers - they are perfect for children of all ages and you can read our review here

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Please Note: Some of the products listed above we were gifted samples of. 

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