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Saturday, 5 December 2015
I have always lived just on the outskirts of Birmingham, I'm near enough but also far enough away to not be classed as being a city living girl, although I've now moved to a city. Quite simply Birmingham is one of my favourite places to go shopping but I also love how central we are to get to pretty much everywhere. 
Birmingham Bull Ring - Selfridges
Image Credit - Nichola
However in the few short years I've been on this planet, Birmingham has changed so much a lot more than I expected it too.The train station change, a recent one is possibly one of the biggest changes I remember but lots have changed. Recently Travelodge created an interactive map, which shows a lot of the changes which have happened. 
The new look station is amazing mind, so it's a good change - everything looks so fresh and airy and there are plenty of lovely shops around too. But I love walking the old streets of Birmingham, and going to the other end of the shops rather than by the Bull Ring. The older buildings have so much style I love to imagine how it would have been. 
Image Credit - Nichola
Birmingham is changing in many good ways, I love seeing the regeneration of the city and the idea of the extra business it brings. In Jack's short time we have took him to Birmingham many times and already given him so many memories there. We enjoy taking him to the Sea Life centre and walking along the canels, talking to him about the canel and how it all works. We have also took him to the BBC studios within the Mailbox which he really enjoyed. At Christmas time there is always a large German market which I'm sure you have heard of and this is a truly wonderful time to be had - again one of many memories we have given Jack. The Christmas market is one of my favourite things to go and explore, all the smells and different stalls as well as the amazing lights and sounds. 

I'm excited for the future, and the changes it will bring to the city - more exciting projects and wonderful sights I'm sure. 
Have where you live changed over the years? What changes do you remember from Birmingham?

Please Note: We are being provided with a lovely day out in return for this post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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