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Saturday, 12 December 2015
A little while ago I was approached by a new cloth nappy company called GIGG'L introducing the brand and offered the opportunity to review. I love cloth nappies, the cute little designs, the gorgeous squishy bottoms it gives. I was quite late on to discover cloth nappies with Jack but believe I saved a small fortune considering how long he was in nappies for. With Isla, I've clothed from birth with exception to when I took a break whilst living temporarily with my Nanna. So I was keen to try GIGG'L out and see how they compared with other brands I've used in the past.
GIGG'L Safari Cloth Nappy

So GIGG'L are a small family-run business  which began when the owners were starting a family. With the rising costs of becoming a family and the thought of the accumulative price of disposables as well as what happens to them afterwards they decided to turn to cloth nappies, but in turn created their own business doing so. They began small with 100 nappies then a year later redesigned the nappy and insert to what it is  today. One thing I love about GIGG'L is if your nappy wears out whilst you still use it, send it back and you can receive 30% off your next nappy order - perfect right?
GIGG'L Insert System

So onto the nappies themselves, we were sent one of these lovely safari washable nappies, which can be used up to 9.5kgs and are two-part nappies. Each nappy has the same internal features with the outer designs being available within many different styles. The nappy itself is made from Suede-cloth with a PUL lining, and is excellent quality; these nappies are a popper style so feature the poppers on this part too. Then the inserts, which are just fantastic are microfibre like many of these types. 

GIGG'L Insert System - PoppersGIGG'L Insert System - Main Insert

I love the inserts in which these nappies come with, some other companies simply sell you the nappy shell (the outer part), others will include just one insert; very rarely do you get a complete package for night time use or heavy wetters which is exactly what GIGG'L offer. Each nappy comes complete with an insert and additional booster, and the insert is an amazing system. The insert is stitched and secured within a micro-fleece outer which has a pocket system on it, the micro-fleece allows it to be gentle on babies bottom causing less irritation, but you can add in the booster and tuck that neatly inside too keeping everything together. The insert has a popper on the back which you simply pop under the front tab to keep it in place and place under the front and rear tabs, helping secure the insert in. 
GIGG'L Nappy Made Up

So onto the coverage, this is a birth-to-potty style nappy so has a range of poppers on the front allowing you to adjust the size to grow with your baby. The poppers themselves are great quality being quite strong and not just popping undone when baby breaths, yes I had that with Jack. but the fit of the actual nappy is brilliant too, it features a double gusset helping protect against those uncanny accidents these children tend to have but also features good quality elastic at the back too. As with all birth-to-potty nappies you can tailor the fit to your baby and find what works best for you adjusting the waist sizing and rise. 

I've used this nappy in rotation with my others and haven't experienced any leaks at all - we've used it for daytime use and progressed to nighttime wear too and it's been brilliant. Keeping in heavy pees and explosive poops too. It's definitely a nappy brand I will consider purchasing more off and would definitely recommend to other mums too. 

Please Note: We received a GIGG'L nappy in exchange for an honest and open review, all opinions are my own.

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