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Tuesday, 15 December 2015
I loved baby wearing Jack, it was something I never intended to do however with his reflux it was the only way to get anything done around the house. However when I discovered I was pregnant for a second time I was certain I was going to baby wear more this time round and do so from an earlier stage too. So when I was given the opportunity to review a sling from Rockin’ Baby I jumped at the chance.
Rockin Baby Slings
Not only did I really like the look of the slings Rockin’ Baby had to offer I loved their ethics too. Rockin’ Baby was set up by an American mum of six, and for each sling or pouch sold one is donated to a mother in Haiti or Kenya as part of the mother2mother charity, so a real charitable company. Haiti has one of the highest infant mortality rates within the Western Hemisphere so by using a sling; it allows the mothers to keep their babies safe whilst being hands free to allow them to collect their vital items such as food and water. Not only do Rockin’ Baby donate a sling for each one sold but they also educate the mothers on how to use the slings and the benefits.  I love the idea of helping a mother in need at no extra costing it feels like you’re doing something good.

Rockin Baby Slings

I’ve never used a ring sling before, so upon receiving the Rockin’ Baby sling it was my first go. Included with the sling is a guide to help you, but I also managed to find some useful videos on the Rockin’ Baby YouTube channel. I will admit at first I couldn’t get the fit just right, however with some perseverance we managed it and now it’s my favourite sling to use within my collection. The slings look ever so simple when you look but can be a little complicated at first – don’t let this put you off though as its simple when you learn how.
Rockin Baby Slings

Each ring sling is made with 80 inches of fabric which is reversible, I chose this lovely Rose Of My Heart sling which is beautiful and has floral fabric one side with black and white spotty the other. There are lots of different beautiful designs on the website and being reversible they are multi-gender too. The sling also has two intersecting metal rings, which is where you fasten the sling but also where you adjust the length bringing baby closer to you. At the bottom of the fabric there is also a pocket fitted in allowing you to store whatever you need. With the length of the fabric on the sling you could definitely use from new-born to toddler.
Rockin Baby Slings
I love these slings and they are definitely a brand I would recommend to others. Prices start at £49 which is a brilliant value when you think it lasts up to toddlerhood and another is donated to another mother.
Rockin Baby Slings

Please Note: I received this Rockin’ Baby sling free of charge, in exchange for an open and honest review. 

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