Questions To Ask A Photographer When Considering for a photoshoot

Tuesday, 12 January 2016
Questions to ask a photographer when considering them for a shoot

I love having photos taken of the children and when I’m choosing a photographer I always take lots of care and attention as the prints generally will go on display and I don’t want just any kind of photos. But knowing where to look for a range of photographers is hard, you can of course spend hours looking on google, hoping the photographers are listed and are within the area. Or, what many people do these days, look on Facebook however, there is another way, use Bark a revolutionary way to hire local service people. There’s  a whole section dedicated to finding a photographer, and after trying it out – I would definitely highly recommend it.

When looking for a photographer for any type of occasion there are many things to ask yourself first, such as what date you would like the photoshoot to happen, what kind of setting and also what budget you have. Set with this in mind you can then look for a photographer who meets these expectations. But as well as these, there are also some questions you should keep in mind to ask your photographer too.

What’s included for the price?
So, you have a budget in mind and you set out to find a photographer but do you get what you want with your budget. You need to be sure how much time you will get with the photographer, roughly how many photographs they will take and if any prints, or discs/USB’s are included within this price or if they are extra. Also if you would like a location shoot, is this extra?

What extras are available for me to purchase?
Once you know exactly what’s included within your package, you can always see the cost of extras. Sometimes these can be really expensive, other times they are reasonable and of course budget dependent. However, most photographers will use quality printers and prints will turn out better than your standard shop printed ones. Also, you could upgrade and have all images on a disc if this isn’t included within your package.

Do they travel to different locations?
This is only a question you will need if of course you want a different location. Some photographers offer shoots at home, others in a studio and some will do location shoots too which is always nice for something different. So if you have your heart set on an outdoor shoot you need to be sure your photographer in mind will travel outdoors too.

Can I see some of your recent work?
The most common and possibly the most important question – all for good reasons. Photographers will always advertise their best work ALWAYS, so ask if you can view an entire session in images or a compilation from a variety of sessions to get a sense of the photographer’s style. From looking at this you will be able to get a good feel if they are a good photographer for you; with only a couple of images which stand out and you’d consider framing move to another photographer.

How will I receive my photos and how long will they take?
Professional photographers have a reliable time manner in which they will get the photos to you. They will also have a range of ways in which they can share them with you, including privately, online, social media and cloud sharing so always know what you are getting for you money sharing wise. Also obtain if you will get copyright access to print the photos at your leisure if you are receiving a disc only deal.

Tips for a good photoshoot:

Consider what clothing you would like to wear, what colours and what works best.
Consider taking a change of clothing for different shots and images.
If having a family shoot or with children, always take something they are used too, a favourite toy or blanket and have a drink and snacks on hand – you never know when you will need them.
Talking of kids, if they still have a nap, plan the shoot around naptimes otherwise you will have a grouchy child. 

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