Isla | Seven Months Old

Tuesday, 2 February 2016
Another month has flown by and Isla is now 7 months old, I've no idea where the past 7 months have gone but they have been so exciting. This month Isla seems to have become a different individual, gaining more personality and characteristics and just becoming her own person in general. She is still looking so much like Jack, but has her own touch on it. I still have absolutely no idea about how much she weighs, I really should get her checked but she is definitely growing. I think she has got a lot taller she just seems so big of recent. She's filling her 6-9 nicely now, not too small but not overly big either. 

I'm not sure what has happened to Isla's sleep of recent mind, she used to be a brilliant sleeper,sleeping through from quite an early age however has recently started waking several times during the night again. Whilst I know its still completely normal my body has got used to sleeping through. I think she is a light sleeper and easily disturbed as its not a case of being hungry or needing a bottom change either. 

We still have absolutely no teeth, however we are living in a world of lots of dribble and nose bubbles, lovely I know. We also still don't have a crawling baby but I'm sure it's just around the corner, she has begun doing a worm type crawl along the floor and is able to pull her knees up and move she just needs to figure the arms and knees together. When on her stomach she can easily pull herself into a sitting position now, with no problems and done with ease.

She is starting to interact a lot more with other people and especially Jack, she loves to attempt to play with him and has started to show a lot more interest in her own toys too.
As for eating she loves her food, always reaching out for everybody's nibbles and trying to get them for herself. I'm starting to wean properly now rather than as and when and she is more-or-less eating 3 meals a day. 

I just cannot believe how quickly she is growing. 

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