BigJigs Toys A Review

Friday, 4 March 2016
At the beginning of the year we were lucky enough to find out that Jack and Isla had been chosen to be on the Play Patrol team for BigJigs Toys LTD. We were super excited about this being huge BigJigs fans and couldn’t wait to get started on our first project with them. Our package arrived a couple of weeks ago and we’ve been having lots of fun with the toys ever since. 
Along with the toys, they were also each sent a T-Shirt to wear. Then we were on with the testing.

Isla was sent a lovely Bruno Activity Cube, which she has really taken a liking too. It’s a soft toy which features a variety of different coloured and textured panels and also has a soft handle for them to grip. In addition there is a sturdy teether attached which has been really handy with the arrival of her teeth. With the different textures and sounds it will easily keep Isla amused for a short amount of time. We’ve already taken it on lots of journeys out and I’m sure it’s going to come in handy for many more. In the two short weeks in which we have had this toy it’s had quite a lot of use, being used almost daily by Isla, however it still looks really good and you can tell it’s made to a high quality.

Jack was sent a wooden My Tool Box, Jack loves building, more so since we moved house last summer. Any opportunity for him to get the tools out he loves, me not so much. So for him to have his own set which look fantastic but don’t do as much damage is great! The set comes with a hammer, spanner, screwdriver, a selection of nuts, bolts and round pegs as well as a ruler. The box has a carry handle on and all the tools fit perfectly inside meaning its easy enough to carry around doing jobs all around the house and garden.

It comes pre-assembled within the box which is useful and it really sturdy meaning they are ready to go. With some gentle guidance showing him the nuts and pegs fitted in the sides he was soon screwing and hammering the parts in. We did find one of the wooden pegs was a little bigger than the others needing a little extra force when hammering in, but this only made it more enjoyable you never knew if it was a simply job or not, just like DIY really. When playing I always noticed Jack would have lots of fun hammering the pegs in. This has really helped develop his hand-eye co-ordination.

We have really loved these toys we have been sent and we cannot wait to see what our next Play Patrol pack has in store for us.

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