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Tuesday, 22 March 2016
Beefeater isn't somewhere we really consider for meals, it used to be a restaurant local to us, but I remember we went once and the focus was very much 'flame grilled' and I just didn't overly enjoy it. I've started eating more meat of recent, and began to enjoy steak, something I once couldn't even stand so when we were offered to visit recently I was keen to give it a try. I'd heard that there had been changes and although still a lot of meat dishes, it wasn't so much focused on 'flame-grilled' although I still had the thought in my head. 
Beefeater - Longford House
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We went along to the Longford House, in Cannock which is now our nearest Beefeater. The resturant has changed a lot since the last time we were in there. Having a complete refurb, it was very bright inside and felt really welcoming. There was lots of interesting decor around although I didn't manage any snaps there was also some a great open kitchen style hatch and you could see some of the foods being cooked. 
Whilst there I was keen to see what deals they had on offer and saw they had a fantastic offer coming up for Easter so what better time to try out your local.

Our table was booked for 5.30pm, and we got there a little early but the table was prepared and ready for us to go to. We were kindly sat at the table, offered some menus and asked if we would like to order some drinks. When we arrived it wasn't too busy, however it got busier as the night went on but it never got too loud to enjoy it was relaxing throughout. 

We all ended up choosing the same starter and main weirdly, each having 'Crispy Flat Cap Mushrooms' for starters, which were so tasty. They were chunky slices of mushrooms which were coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried, they were then served with a sauce of choice, creamy ranch or BBQ. We also ordered a 'Garlic Tear & Share Flatbread' which was so tasty and was accompanied with a garlic butter. 

Longford House - Crispy Flat Mushrooms

For the mains, we all opted for 'Rump Steak' just varying on the way it was cooked, however each piece was cooked to perfection, although the waitress did say if we wanted it cooked more she would happily take back for more. I was unsure what to go for as many of the dishes sounded so tasty but I rarely have a steak so fancied a change. Each was served with triple cooked chunky chips and a side of peas. What I really liked about the menu is the steaks are served with unlimited chips so you could simply ask for more if you liked. We also ordered a side of onion rings to share, whats a steak without onion rings.
longford House - Rump Steak

We then allowed our meals time to digest and finished off with a desert, this time each choosing different. Ordering a 'Warm Chocolate Brownie' served with ice cream which was so tasty, the brownie was warm without being too hot to melt the ice cream quickly. We also ordered Profiteroles, which I was told were very tasty and the 'Caramel Apple Betty' after it being recommended by the waitress, again this was very tasty.  

Jack also opted for a 3-course, that boy can store some food. I really liked the childrens menu as it had picture choices for the starters and mains and you could change sides on the main which really helped him choose. He loves being independent and opted for Veggie Sticks to start which Isla helped him with, and cod bites for his main which he polished off leaving just one cod bite and a few fries. Very rarely does he eat a full meal when out. He then finished it off with a 'Funny Face Ice Cream' in which he loved. 
Longford House - Veggie Sticks

Eating out at the Longford House, was a much better experience than I anticipated. The meals were very tasty and the service was exceptional. I feel the staff were keen to make our visit enjoyable, as well as that of other visitors. The whole meal and drinks came to £71 which I thought was very reasonable for 3 adults having a 3-course meal and 1 child having a 3 course meal as well as the additional side dish and tear & share bread and 4 drinks. 

With this in mind, with Easter weekend fast approaching you could easily take away the stress of cooking and enjoy a meal at a local Beefeater. They have some amazing Easter deals on as well as the usual daily deals too. You can book a table online meaning the stress of waiting around is also taken away and your organised. 

Please Note: We were provided with a £50 voucher to put towards the total cost of teh meal, the additional was paid by ourselves. All views and opinions are our own. 

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