#TheMomentWeTried Weaning Update and Competition

Wednesday, 30 March 2016
Weaning is well underway here and its fair to say Isla loves her food. We are very lucky in terms of Isla will try anything and everything and so far we've had no negative experiences that stick in my mind at least. However, one thing I always try to do is ensure Isla has a wide variety of foods. Something we learnt from HiPP is it can take as many as 10 times before a new food is accepted. Therefore, don't keep sticking to foods you know baby likes, offer a variety and persevere as it makes them more adventurous as they get older. This is something we found with Jack he eats a lot of food I dislike as he was given a wide palette as a child.

Isla currently doesn't really have a preference for sweet over savoury or vice-versa and accepts new flavours fairly well. Most of the sweetness comes in the form of HiPP jars, pouches and fruit pots and savoury, again from HiPP and finger foods. One thing I really like about HiPP is that all the fruit and vegetables in which are used are grown on a dedicated farm and left to naturally ripen and harvested at their plumpest and sweetest. They are then gently steam cooked protecting all the nutrients and flavour and sugars are only added carefully to those you would anyway (such as custard). 

#TheMomentWeTried Strawberry Yoghurt. Okay, the eyes don't help on this as she was suffering conjunctivitis but still...

#TheMomentWeTried HiPP Parsnip, Potato and Turkey Casserole. 

Then the cutest of all... #TheMomentWeTried HiPP Cocoa and Vanilla Dessert. 

 Did you say chocolate?

I love watching the changes of emotions when trying a new food, the faces they pull and their reactions. I enjoy giving lots of variety and seeing how they can like a food one day and not another. Each month we introduce Isla to new foods of different textures and forms which is fun to see how she reacts. 

I'm still not fantastic at remembering to give her 3 meals each day although she loves her food. However, I feel confident in using the HiPP prepared and know they are just as healthy as a home cooked meal and perfect for convenience. 

Giveaway Time!
You could win your own HiPP Organic Sweet and Savoury bundle by sharing a photo of your baby or toddler trying a new taste for the first time. Simply share a photo on my Facebook Page or follow me on Twitter (@mymummysworld) and Tweet a photo with the hashtag #TheMomentWeTried mentioning both myself and @HippOrganic. The giveaway is open until midnight Sunday 10th April when a winner will be chosen. 

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