A stranger helped me with parenting confidence

Friday, 3 June 2016
Some days I find this parenting malarkey difficult, not in terms of what to do I just find it a challenge. I have many a day when I question my own parenting, especially when I feel judged by others. I'm a 24 year old with two children so yes I get judged. 

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I don't really let anyone in on how I feel and generally just keep it all in, I've not posted as much on here as I feel like I'm not 'a normal parent' when it's not all happy moments. But who am I kidding? Not everyday as a parent is plain sailing with everything going exactly as you expected during those 9 months of pregnancy and honestly anyone who tells you otherwise is just kidding. 

However, recently we've been to different places and meeting strangers who don't know how I'm feeling, don't know that I think I'm not doing a good enough job. But, these people made me realise I am. A professional lady told us at an appointment how good the children are and what a brilliant job we are doing of raising them, Jack with his beautiful manners and both their behaviors. Then we took a really long train journey, before the journey I was actually dreading how the children would be. Then as the train got busier and busier I was worried about how others would react. When we got to the final destination where we left the train, an older lady came up to me and said what wonderful children we have and how perfectly behaved they were on the busy journey. 

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These people don't really know what difference this had, those simple words gave me a lot of confidence. Confidence which was long lost through many different situations. Yes we have days where they aren't brilliantly behaved but when out and about they are mostly. 

So, whenever you see someone you think is doing a good job, be sure to tell them, you may just make their day. 

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