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Friday, 10 June 2016
When I was at college, I had to create a story sack (I did the three little pigs) and I needed to purchase some animals. When visiting the toy shop I knew they needed to be Schleich as they are so realistic. I thought back then whenever I had children I would make sure there toy animals were Schleich. The high quality and realistic looks of the toys is amazing, even after lots of play they are still amazing quality.

Recently Schleich have created a 16 page brochure as a guide to imaginative play and development with the products. The brochure covers a range of topics including balanced play diet, early language skills and encouraging imagination. There is also plenty of tips on how to get the most from playtime and how to incorporate Schleich products.

We do various types of play with Jack, and will continue to with Isla however it's always nice to have some helpful tips along the way to encourage different areas of play. The brochure also covers some interesting facts too especially on a balanced play diet. Just like how a child eats, how a child plays should be balanced too. It's important to have the right amount of active, social, creative and free play which you can read more about within the brochure.

As Jack is a big animal fan, we have had lots of fun with these, but we also did some of the recommendations within the guide. Such as 'Zoo Keeper' in which you act as the zookeeper and build the habitat for each animal. Some didn't go as you would expect however Jack was putting is imagination into it which was key. We also used out imagination to act out the different animal sounds of all of our animals, kids always love this one. 

There is so much fun and creativity you can have with the Schleich animals rather than 'just having animals' which is what I think is important to remember. Your child's creativity and imagination really can run free with the animals.

You can purchase Schleich toys from a variety of retailers which you can find on the Schleich website.

Please Note: We were sent the above Schleich animals and also received a small fee for this post.

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