Isla | Eleven Months Old

Wednesday, 1 June 2016
Ok, this update is a little late as Isla turned eleven months on Sunday, but we've been so busy I'm only just getting around to writing it. 

Not a lot has changed that much since her ten month update. She's becoming a lot more confident and each day you can see she is becoming her own person. 

Isla loves food, alot she will simply eat anything and knows exactly when she wants milk or food. She's still breastfeeding really well which I'm amazed about, she still won't take a bottle of expressed but she seems happy enough. I've been back at work 6 weeks now and she is settling fine without her daytime milk. 

Last week, just shy of turning 11 months, Isla had her 9-12 month check with the Health Visitor and it went really well. It's only the second or third time we've seen the health visitors since moving to the area when she was 6 weeks. They said her development is fantastic, meeting everything she should and above. I did get her weighed and she's weighing in at 20lb7.

Isla is very confident with her gross-motor skills, and although still not walking unaided (slower than her brother here) she is getting better. She will now walk aided with just one hand for support. Her vocabulary has expanded a little adding 'Dadadada daddy' and 'ack' into the mix. 

It's hard to believe she is almost one, as much as I'm looking forward to her growing up and being able to do more with her big brother I will miss the baby days. 

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