Isla | One Year Old

Wednesday, 29 June 2016
It's such a cliche thing to say, but I cannot believe Isla is a year old already. One whole year in our lives, I couldn't imagine it any other way. 

Despite still having very little hair, although her cradle cap is much better now Isla is looking less baby and more toddler each day. She is growing up so quickly and becoming such an independent little girl. Isla has begun saying more recognisable words/sounds including 'Ab' who is the dog and often shouts her if she is barking or if she wants to play so cute. 

The past month has seen Isla take her first unaided steps, of course she is a lot more confident with help and support but if you keep a look out she will take a sneaky few steps, around 7-8 unaided. However, give her furniture and she cruises incredibly fast. Of course to celebrate her achievement we took her along to get her first shoes measuring up at a 3G, so similar to her big brothers first shoes. 

Isla is still eating lots, she absolutely loves her food, she is also starting to take some fluids from in a sippy cup/beaker when I'm not around which is fab. She still isn't using cutely and loves to empty any plates and bowls we give her, but thats the enjoyment of the journey right? As for milk, she is still breastfed which is an achievement I'm incredibly proud of, and still feeds on demand although this is reducing. 

She is beginning to play a lot more with her big brother now, wanting to follow him around and do what he is. She is enjoying being outside and loves to play out there.

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