KidloLand Educational Toddler App Review

Wednesday, 22 June 2016
I always thought I wouldn't be the parent who would let my child just sit and use the iPad, however I was quick to learn sometimes this is the best way to get 5 minutes peace. I don't let him watch anything though, I quickly discovered there are many educational apps, a some educational videos on YouTube which he enjoys. So when I was asked if I would like to review Kidloland educational app aimed at under 5's I knew Jack would love it, and Isla enjoys the sounds too.

Kidloland is an educational app combining nursery rhymes, educational songs and activities to help make learning fun for under 5's. It's free to download on iOS and Android, coming with a selection of free songs, however with a subscription you can download unlimited educational rhymes and songs. There is a wide choice from ABCs, shapes, fruits and animals certainly a wide choice. In with the usual nursery rhymes there are some variants too, did you know Old McDonald had a zoo as well as a farm? At the bottom of the screen the words appear as it is sung, encouraging your child to follow 
along and learn words. 

I like that this app is truly safe, no worries of them clicking an inappropriate video, you know the ones and also its fully interactive throughout too unlike some other programmes. You can touch the characters on the screen and they do different actions and sounds encouraging your child to interact.

Once all the songs are downloaded you can listen to them all without an internet connection. The connection is only needed to download the additional songs. Perfect for when out and about and your saving your mobile data or there is no WiFi. However, the actual downloading of the songs can take a while, each individual section needing to be downloaded individually. 

As I previously mentioned you can download a free version with 24 different songs and then upgrade for additional songs, this is available as a subscription either monthly, 6 monthly or yearly. I find this could be a downside as it could become quite expensive over time. However we are fully enjoying using the app so worth the costing for us so far.

Please Note: We received a yearly subscription to the app in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

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