Moony Japanese Nappies Review

Tuesday, 14 June 2016
With both children I've always used a mix of cloth nappies and disposables. However I've found since I've been back at work we've used a lot more disposables, family members who look after the children are finding the cloth harder who knows; and as for evenings a disposable is just easier as are day trips. 
Over the past four years, we've tried a variety of different brands, so I was interested to see how these would compare to them.

Moony nappies are a brand made in Japan and many different parents believe they are the best nappies available. The nappies are all made from natural materials offering leak protection as well as protecting babies skin. I instantly noticed how much softer these seemed compared to the brands here in the UK also how lightweight they are and rather slim fitting when on. 

Each nappy has a cute design on the front, which children would easily recognise too. The nappies all have wetness indicators on, something which in the UK I've only ever seen on newborn nappies. The inside of the nappies are made from a breathable material consisting of several layers. The top layer is 3D processed wavy lining made of natural cotton then the inner layer absorbs the wet and forms a gel to keep the wetness locked in and away from babies skin, protecting them. This in effect cause the nappy to hold the wet better and not swell and sag like you usually see from disposables.

Around the top of the nappies there is an elastic area, allowing you to place the nappy on and off. This is really stretchy and is incredibly soft too stopping irritation. With the stretch availability it doesn't restrict any movement in which your child may attempt. 

Moony Japanese Nappies Review

The Moony nappies are a 'pull-up' style and cater for smaller sizes. As your child gets older they become more of a wriggler and changing nappies becomes a whole harder task. When I change Isla I have to find a toy or something to distract her and even that doesn't always work. So having a nappy we could just pull on, no fastening of tabs was so much easier. 
The only downside to this was when you were greeted with a smelly one, you know the ones. Having to fiddle ripping open the sides and cleaning and it not fastening when finished was a bit awkward, however we coped. 

Compared to other nappies available on the market, the moony nappies are quite expensive, however they are fantastic quality and I don't think any other brand compares, not just on one aspect but many of them. 

Please Note: I received this nappies free in exchange for an honest and open review. All wording and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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