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Friday, 15 July 2016
Did you know almost two-thirds of us say we don't actively take steps to look after our long-term health?  
I'm definitely in the two-thirds not taking much care into my own health, ooops.

However I am actively trying to take small steps to change that. I want to be healthier for my children, to be able to bounce around with them. But, I also want to be healthier to reduce my risk of health problems which seem to run in the family. In a recent survey conducted by Alive! it was revealed that 63% of British women aged 25-55 do not actively take steps to look after their long term health. It actually surprises me how big a percentage this is. 
Alive! Calcium Soft Jells

We should always take simple preventative steps to address future health concerns. 'Osteoporosis, for example, is considered an 'older person's' disease. But when you realise that peak bone density is reached around the age of 25 you start to understand how important it is to take care of your body earlier than you might think.' Around the age of 16-18 bone stop growing, but continue to increase in density until mid-20's. Therefore, taking a simple preventative measure such as calcium can help keep you 'fitter for longer'. 

Alive! have introduced a new product into their range in the form of calcium soft jells which have been specifically developed to provide a unique formulation of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus to support the maintenance of normal bones and teeth. 
Alive! Calcium Kit

I was sent an Alive! Calcium Kit within the post which included a range of items to ensure our bones and teeth stay healthy and strong. Included was Kale Chips, fresh mints, a milkshake recipe book, sesame seeds, toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwash along with Alive! Calcium Jells. All are important for calcium and included was tips on how they help. Some products included I didn't even realise had calcium in, which was a great informative piece. 

Alive! Calcium Kit

One thing that I really liked about the Alive! Calcium Jells is that they are a soft chew able vitamin and also suitable for children over 3 years, so Jack and I were sharing them. I've always had a problem with swallowing tablets, I don't know what it is but I just do. There was a competitor on the market which did chew able vitamins but they were only for children so didn't have the required dosage for adults in them. I remember buying them for myself for a little bit of daily vitamin dose but with these I know I can be getting the full required amount. 

Alive! Calcium Soft Jells

Within both sides of my family there is history of gum disease and teeth problems, as well as bone problems including osteoporosis. So looking back on the information above it seems stupid for me not to be taking preventative measures. So I shall definitely be continuing taking the calcium jells and will look into others within the range from Alive!. 

Please Note: I received the Alive! Calcium Pack in exchange for a feature upon the blog All words, views and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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