BigJigs Flower Activity Centre and Pirate Train Review

Friday, 1 July 2016
When this month's Play Patrol items arrived, I knew both children would love their chosen toys. 
Jack was sent a Pirate Train whilst Isla was sent the Flower Activity Centre. This month our focus was on playing together with parents, siblings or other family members. 

If your a regular reader you will know Jack absolutely loves trains, so when the pirate train arrived to add to his collection he was over the moon. Especially since he's be learning about pirates at nursery and has a great interest. One thing I love about the wooden track is with a careful eye, the children can play together. Jack created a really long track and attached all his trains and separated some for Isla to play with too. It was clear the pirate train was his favourite here. As he went around the track, when he got near me he would take of the removable loads from the pirate train which include a cannon, treasure chest and carriage, then going around the track again to return for them. 


The pirate train is a great addition to any wooden track set you already have and is the perfect toy for any swashbuckling pirate fan. The pirate train has an RRP of £13.49

Isla was sent a Flower Activity Centre in which she enjoyed, as did Jack. This was a fairly large sized toy which had straps which enable you to attach it to something. Jack enjoyed playing alongside Isla with this and showing her what each different activity was and how to play with it and Isla then copied along. 

Theres many different features included encouraging your child's dexterity and matching skills. The flower activity centre has an RRP of £20.99 which is reasonable for the build quality in which has gone into the activity. 

Both children have loved this months toys and have had hours of fun together with them.

Please Note: We received the above products as part of the BigJigs Play Patrol scheme. All views and opinions are our own and not influenced in any way.  

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