Bing Magazine | A Review

Saturday, 23 July 2016
Recently we were lucky enough to be sent a copy of the brand new Bing Magazine, which is a monthly magazine available within newsagents. 
Bing Magazine | A Review

Jack really loves school and loves learning but in his report at the end of nursery it did say that sometimes he lacks concentration and although he is doing well I know there are areas in which he could be better. But despite a variety of different activities he doesn't like sitting to long 'learning' at home and would much rather be more practical than sit at the table practicing letters and numbers with me. So anything that can help along the way with this is a great help. 

Bing Magazine | A Review

Thats where the Bing magazine comes in, its a brand new magazine from Egmont and is a monthly magazine priced at £3.99. Its based around the Early Years Foundation Stage for ages 2-5. 
Bing Magazine | A Review

The magazine itself is  rather short and I feel it held Jack's attention really well, meaning its perfect for those who aren't overly keen on learning at home. Within the magazine you can learn many different pre-school skills including writing, letters, numbers and colouring skills as well as matching with the stickers. I like that there are a variety of short activities which keep engagement there rather than them being difficult and giving up. 
Bing Magazine | A Review

Jack really enjoyed the magazine and we will certainly buy future copies as a treat as it will also help encourage Jack's pre-school skills which he needs whilst he feels like he gets to play and have a treat. 

Please Note: We were sent a review copy of the magazine however all views and opinions are our own.

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