Siblings | July 2016

Friday, 15 July 2016
Recently, these two actually have a fairly decent bond. There are still times when they need alone time, but what siblings don't?

Jack is spending a lot more time with Isla, and much more time playing with her and sharing his toys. Recently Isla has learnt to walk and I think this has been a real hit with Jack, he kind of clicked she can follow him around now. I feel like their sibling bond is just beginning all over again, as in their sibling bond to play together, to interact together and generally have fun. 

I'm starting to feel less guilty on one child or the other as they are interacting together more I feel we can all do much more together. We all play 'Isla Safe' games together and have lots of fun on the garden enjoying the fun to be had outdoors. 

This month I feel we have got somewhere with the sibling bond. There are so many special memories which I will hold onto forever and I hope these two remember them for years to come too.

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