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Tuesday, 12 July 2016
Recently smarTrike have launched a new campaign #smartDiscoveries which sets out to see the daily discoveries in which your child has. This includes everything they see around them which excites them - from traffic lights, a bird in the sky to a dog walking past. Simply highlighting the unique child's view from their smarTrike.

Recently we were sent a smarTrike to go on some adventures with Isla and capture her discoveries. She really loved being out and about in the smarTrike, being closer to the world around her and not only being able to see things better but also be closer and touch them too.

The first day we took the smarTrike out Isla was amazed and full of smiles, I think possibly her best discovery that trip was the trees. Yes a nice and simple one but she loved reaching out and feeling the trees as well as seeing them closer.

We took a long walk along the canal where there are lots of different sights to see, we took a little video along the way to capture the many changing faces of Isla. 

We have had great fun discovering new things along our journeys and I know we will have so much more fun with the smarTrike. Keep a look out for a full review of the trike coming soon.

Please Note: I received a SmarTrike in exchange for this post however all wording is my own.

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