Gruffalo My First Memory Game | A Review

Thursday, 25 August 2016
Recently, Jack has took a great interest into playing board games and jigsaws. Whilst he really enjoys them hes still not 100% on the rules of some games, the turn taking and the fact most of the time you need to sit still to play. 
When he started nursery last year he seemed to have calmed down a little, although the school holidays have sent him completely bonkers again. So when I was asked if we would like to review the Ravensburger My First Memory Game I thought it would be a great opportunity for Jack. A smaller game more aimed at his age range, and one with one of his favourite characters on, The Gruffalo. 

Gruffalo My First Memory Game | A Review

When he saw this game and saw the Gruffalo, he was so excited and followed with 'Can we play now please mummy? Please Please' so stage one was a big hit. Of course, who was I to disagree and we took to getting it from out of the box. The game cards are quite sturdy and fairly thick, both children helped get them from the packaging before placing them on the floor. 

Gruffalo My First Memory Game | A Review
The aim of the game is you place the cards face down turning 2 cards over on your turn to try and make a pair. However, no matter how many attempts at explaining this to Jack I apparently have the wrong rules and you lay them all out face up and just match them. Sometimes its easier to go along. 
Within the pack there are 24 different pictured cards all with Gruffalo characters on meaning 12 different images making 12 pairs. 

Gruffalo My First Memory Game | A Review

Jack had many different goes in which he paired the images the way in which he thought the game was played. Another day, we attempted the game again, Jack was still adamant how it was played so I made the game slightly easier. Removing some of the images, leaving just 4 pairs a total of 8 cards. We turned them face down and finally we managed to play the game the correct way. Once Jack was confident we added in more pairs until having the full set back. 

Gruffalo My First Memory Game | A Review

Whilst this is just a small game, so many key skills are learnt, encouraging turn taking, matching, memory, counting, recognition or colours and images along with concentration. I feel we have learnt a lot, and built up and learnt some new skills. We have incorporated other games in with these cards too, finding things on images, looking for colours and counting certain parts. 

This game has been a big hit here, and although it took some getting used to, we finally get there and its a perfect quiet time game when needed. 

Ravensburger have a whole range of the 'My First Memory' games with different characters including Thomas the Tank Engine and In The Night Garden. 

Please Note: I received a copy of this game, in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own and not influenced by this. 

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