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Monday, 1 August 2016
I love where we live, central to pretty much most places and the countryside surrounding us is truly beautiful. However a trip to the beach can be a bit of a pain, taking careful planning and not simply just a jump in the car and away you go. Then there is ensuring you've a nice beach and the weather remains dry. 

Webbs By The Beach

Luckily, this summer Webbs of Wychbold have it all covered, with their Webbs by the Beach experience for the children. The area is kept undercover to ensure even on the rainy days you can remain dry on the sand whilst still letting the sunshine through. So in the centre of the Midlands, we have this lovely clean, fairly large beach with real child safe sand in. Throw in some buckets and spades and other beach toys and there you have it. 

Webbs By The Beach

The staff which run the event and supervise the children are fantastic, and you couldn't wish for better. Interacting with the children at all points, creating games for them, helping them build sand castles and basically giving the parents some peace. When stopping for food or a drink the staff were also on hand to ensure that each child washed and dried their hands. 

Webbs By The Beach

We were lucky enough to be invited along to experience Webbs by the Beach, so I headed along with my friend and both kids really enjoyed themselves. There are three sessions which are run during the day, a morning, lunchtime and afternoon session. We went to the lunchtime one allowing us time to get there. During this session lunch is provided for the children along with a drink. On all three sessions there are drinks available as well as fruit snacks. 
Webbs By The Beach

As the end of the session approached they had a story, some children were still wanting to play so they sat to one side and read the book, Jack really enjoyed this and was right at the front joining in. After this they tidied all of the beach toys away and played some games including 'What's the time Mr Lifeguard?' and 'Don't wake the pirate'. 
Webbs By The Beach

Both Jack and my friends little boy had two hours of complete fun and instantly asked when they could go back again, which I'm sure will be soon. It was lovely to be able to be with the children but not have to do everything for them meaning some relaxed time. 

Webbs By The Beach

Webbs by the Beach is running until the 18th September continuing the three sessions each day lasting two hours. It can all be booked online or at Webbs of Wychbold.

Please Note: We were invited along and had complimentary tickets however all views and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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